Al fresco pee given thumbs up by the Crack Magazine!

That’ll teach me to go public about my al fresco habits.

It’s all out in the book review section of Crack Magazine which gives a positive thumbs up to the poetry and prose in Prole (issue 6) and flags up Claire Booker’s  ‘A Pee in the Trossachs’ for particular attention  The anonymous (but deliciously astute!)  Mr or Ms GM  has this to say:

“This Welsh produced publication  of original prose and poetry . . . is a riveting read with more good than so-so.  I particularly enjoyed Jack Kline’s story ‘Christmas with the Pack’ . . . and Barbara Leahy’s story ‘Devil’s eye as well as a non-fiction piece by Geoffrey Heptonstall on the need to create.  Among the poetry I was drawn to were Claire Booker’s encounter with a ewe while she has a sneaky pee in a field; and Lois Elaine Heckman’s ‘The Gardener’ which details the meditative and restorative nature of someone simply tending their garden.”

To read the full article go to:  then scroll down to Books (view articles) and check out March12 book reviews (Prole issue 6).

To download or buy a hard copy of Prole visit:

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