Poetry anthology funds cold-weather shelters

Genius Floored Uncurtained WindowFrost, snow, sleet, biting wind – they’re just words now, but in a matter of months hundreds of homeless people will be turning to cold-weather shelters funded by poetry just to keep alive.  Yes, POETRY does make things happen!

This year’s anthology from Camden and Lumen Poetry Series is edited by internationally acclaimed poet Ruth O’Callaghan and published by Soaring Penguin.  It includes poems by Fleur Adcock, Gillian Allnut, Mimi Khalvati and Fiona Sampson, as well as work from regular contributors to the poetry evenings such as Anne Ballard, Claire Booker, Annemarie Cooper, Josh Ekroy, Kaye Lee and Caroline Vero.

All proceeds from the sale of this year’s anthology will be donated to Caris Camden, which administers Camden cold-weather shelters for the homeless.

To purchase a copy of Genius Floored:Uncurtained Window please click on the following link http://www.soaringpenguinpress.com

To find out more about Camden and Lumen poetry events check out:  http://www.camdenlumen.wordpress.com

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