Poetry for everyone in The Australia Times Poetry Magazine

KoalaThis Pommie has just gone  ‘down under’ (in a virtual kind of way) thanks to The Australia Times Poetry Magazine which has published my poem about an Alaskan Husky (yes, spot the irony!)

I reckon Australia has something to teach us about how poetry can be made accessible and enjoyable to a wider range of readers. Twice monthly, The Australia Times Poetry Magazine hits the worldwide web in a glory of beautiful photographs, spacious layout and a rich variety of poetry from household names to ballads about Bush life, from  comedy to moving memorials.  And – get this – there are real adverts too. Yes, adverts for everyday things!

Edited by Maureen Clifford, this latest issue includes work by Frank Prem and John Summers, Claire Booker and Pam Davies, plus a touching tribute for Ellen Johanna Larson Smith by her grandson together with her finely worked poem ‘The Farmer Feeds Them All’. There’s also excellent Bush poetry from W John Moss (aka croc) and Sonnet 130 by the up-and-coming W. Shakespeare!


If you have time, please check out the magazine (27th March 2015) by clicking the link below. If you write poetry, you might like to consider sending in your work.  Submission guidelines are included towards the back of the issue.


3 responses to “Poetry for everyone in The Australia Times Poetry Magazine

  1. Great poem, Claire, and thanks for introducing me to this magazine!


  2. Thank you Claire for such a wonderful review – I truly was not for a minute expecting anything like this – I am delighted and I am delighted that you like our humble magazine one of a stable of over 30 mags now – free to everyone on a wide range of subjects.

    Just a note that might be of interest – I’m a pommy by birth as well although Australian by choice and proud of it. My Grandfather was the Editor of the Middlesex Chronicle for many years right up until his death in the late 1950s he was also a poet. The apple doesn’t land far from the tree


  3. Thank you Hilaire and Maureen for your kind comments. Happy writing to you both!


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