My new pamphlet is born!

The Bone That Sang has been safely delivered by Indigo Dreams Publishing and is now available to dandle on laps and laptops. It follows my debut poetry pamphlet Later There Will Be Postcards, now a feisty toddler at Green Bottle Press.

You can read five of the poems from The Bone That Sang at your leisure at the link below, and press the ‘BUY’ button if you’re feeling flush!

The new pamphlet is packed with 29 pages of poetry. Some of the poems first appeared in The Spectator, Poetry News, Structo, The New Welsh Reader, The Interpreter’s House, Stand, Prole, Poetry Salzburg Review, The High Window, The Frogmore Papers, Ambit, South Bank Poetry and Magma.

The Bone That Sang explores what it means to be human in an imperfect world. A refugee sprints for his life; an at-risk child craves a baby; a one-night stand goes hilariously wrong; a beloved mother-in-law makes a final spiritual journey. Narrative often drives my inspiration, but you’ll also find poems here that stand outside the moment.

“Claire Booker’s second collection of poems has an indefatigable spirit. Even as they explore man’s incredible capacity for cruelty, they reveal a tender humanity and have an unflagging energy. The political nature of many of these poems refuses to let the reader off the hook, but Booker’s fine sense of tone and craft means we’re happy to be left wriggling.” Lisa Kelly.

6 responses to “My new pamphlet is born!

  1. Congratulations Claire! Feeling just flush enough to order a copy – looking forward to reading it. xx

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  2. Hello Claire, many congrats on the delivery of your pamphlet. I just wanted to advise you that I tried the link below to IDP but it didn’t work on my computer.

    I went direct to IDP site and bought it that way.

    I look forward to singing the bones

    best wishes,

    Terry ( Quinn )


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    • Thank you for the tip off, Terry. I’d left off the https! Many thanks for buying the book. I was going to suggest we did a swap, so please do let me know when yours is published, and I’ll nab a copy. Still hoping we can meet for mutual launches. Warmest wishes, Claire

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  3. congrats Claire we look forward to reading it all the best steve and lorrain x

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  4. Thank you Steve and Lorrain. Our plans for a trip to the IoW this year were scuppered by Covid, but hopefully, a get-together next year, there or in London. It’s always a treat when you post your artwork. Cx

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