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Something sinister stirs in the playground – again!

Dark, dangerous and hungry – Harriet is every mother’s nightmare.  She’s
already played to packed houses in Manchester and Whitstable. Last week this monstrous creation was let loose again, as part of The Lost Theatre’s Five Minute Play Festival in Stockwell, London. 

‘Harriet by the Swings’ – a short play by Claire Booker – started life as a poem but soon developed its full dramatic potential as a five minute play.  It’s amazing what you can do in 300 seconds!  Particularly when you have talented young actors fighting your corner.

If you’d like to watch a film of the play then please click on the following link:


The role of Harriet was played by Rachel Crowther, whilst (from left to right) Alex Gibson, Natalie Harper and Carla Espinoza played a coterie of smug mums.

For more information about The Lost Theatre click: http://www.losttheatre.co.uk

To read the play in script form click:  http://www.bookerplays.co.uk