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Booker play goes down under!

It’s the year 2084, women rule the world and only a handful of men remain – carefully exhibited in Zoos.

Claire Booker’s dystopian (or is that utopian?!) feminist comedy ‘Socks Go In The Bottom Drawer’ was given its third Australian production last month by The Hills Players in Brisbane.   ‘Socks’ played for four nights alongside ‘The Rack’ by Louise Neilson and ‘Babysitting Calvin’ by John H Newmeir.  It was directed by Tina Reid and starred Peter Carmichael as Adam – a thoroughly unreconstructed specimen.  Joanne Prove played Adam’s indulgent zoo keeper; whilst Eleanor Hayden and Tyrion Perkins played two students eager to knotch up their first man hours, supervised and instructed by Ann Johnston and Margaret Reid as their College lecturers.   Needless to say, Homo Sapien Male proved capable of much mischief, even under captivity.Adam and his Keeper have a therapeutic disagreement over a blow-up doll!

To read an excerpt of the play, visit http://www.bookerplays.co.uk

For more information about the Hills Players visit http://hillsplayers.com