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New Welsh angles on Frida Kahlo, RS Thomas and Serbian milkmen . . .

NWReview_0001R.S. Thomas, Frida Kahlo, Serbian milkmen with beautiful hands – the autumn issue of New Welsh Review jiggles with style, content and thought-provoking analysis, together with poems by Claire Booker, Valerie Laws, Katrina Naomi and Rosie Shepperd.

And the wonderful, yet frequently misunderstood, poet R.S. Thomas is given a new slant by Professor M Wynn Thomas, whose book ‘RS Thomas: Serial Obsessive’ was published by the University of Wales Press this year.  

'Woman Smoking' by Shani Rhys James

‘Woman Smoking’ by Shani Rhys James

Jasmine Donahaye offers a moving poetical response to Shani Rhys James’ exhibition of figurative paintings ‘The Rivalry of Flowers’ currently showing at Aberystwyth Art Centre before going on tour.

And there is a fascinating feature on the 19th century novelist Amy Dillwyn, whose unrequited love for her friend Olive Talbot became central to her work.

Want to read the winning poems in this year’s Cardiff International Poetry Competition? Fancy flash fiction  from the Flash In The Pen competition? Intrigued by how a dream inspired my poem ‘Is This What A Mother’s Bones Become?’ Look no further for your answers than issue 101 of New Welsh Review, which can be purchased from good book stores or direct from the following link: http://www.newwelshreview.com