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Something sinister stirs in the playground – again!

Dark, dangerous and hungry – Harriet is every mother’s nightmare.  She’s
already played to packed houses in Manchester and Whitstable. Last week this monstrous creation was let loose again, as part of The Lost Theatre’s Five Minute Play Festival in Stockwell, London. 

‘Harriet by the Swings’ – a short play by Claire Booker – started life as a poem but soon developed its full dramatic potential as a five minute play.  It’s amazing what you can do in 300 seconds!  Particularly when you have talented young actors fighting your corner.

If you’d like to watch a film of the play then please click on the following link:


The role of Harriet was played by Rachel Crowther, whilst (from left to right) Alex Gibson, Natalie Harper and Carla Espinoza played a coterie of smug mums.

For more information about The Lost Theatre click: http://www.losttheatre.co.uk

To read the play in script form click:  http://www.bookerplays.co.uk

‘Fingers and Toes’ and ‘Lost Property’ performed at The Poetry Cafe, Covent Garden

London’s only regular event for women’s writing of all genres – Loose Muse – featured two short Claire Booker plays last week at The Poetry Cafe, Covent Garden, London. ‘Fingers and Toes’ and ‘Lost Property were directed by Claire and performed by two promising young actors, Maria Askew and David Bevan.

David Bevan and Maria Askew rehearsing at The Poetry Cafe

Both plays were well received by a near capacity audience, who stayed on to enjoy the verbal dexterity of gifted poet, Cath Drake.

Fingers and Toes
After two years of failing to conceive, Rachel is desperate for a baby.  But can husband Michael rise to the occasion?  Things come to a head when Rachel decides to spice things up in the bedroom.  Finalist in the 2011 Ovation Theatre Awards, and performed at Square Chapel Arts Centre, Halifax, West Yorkshire.  

Lost Property
Annie has lost something very precious.  Derek in Lost Property believes he can help her. But can life and death really be that simple?   A surreal comedy, first performed at Lost Theatre’s 5 Minute Festival 2011, south London.   “A couple of very original oddball characters, along with strong performances, made this play very enjoyable. Interesting idea and some great play with parallels between real life and material loss in our lives. Highly commended.”  Festival judging panel.
To read the scripts please go to Claire Booker’s website at

Hunger lurks in the playground

Harriet is Hungry – but for what?   Women’s theatre group, 17Percent, is showcasing Harriet is Hungry – a new play by Claire Booker– in Whitstable on Wednesday 12th October.  It’s part of a season of short plays under the banner, She Writes.   7.30pm start at The Horsebridge Centre, Whitstable, Kent. To book tickets  http://www.horsebridge-centre.org.uk  To find out more about 17Percent   http://17percent.wordpress.com / http://shewrites.blogspot.com