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Cathy’s War triumphs at The Lost Theatre

IMG_7087‘Cathy’s War’ by Claire Booker won actress, Helen Duff, a Notable Contribution Award in the Lost Theatre’s 29th annual One Act Play Festival last month. The production gained accolades from Paul Vale, Theatre Critic for The Stage, who adjudicated 18 plays over six nights.

“A deeply humane script. It blew me away,” he told the audience. “One of the highlights of the whole Festival has been the performance by Helen Duff in the role of Cathy.”

Cathy’s War is set in Belfast during the 1980s. When Cathy’s young husband is shot dead in army cross-fire, she decides to take revenge into her own hands. But is there one rule for women and another for men in this deadly game of vengeance?

Cathy's War - Alexander Forsyth

Alexander Forsyth turned in a powerful performance as Cathy’s brother, Gerry, who struggles to understand Cathy’s ‘hands-on’ approach to killing.

Claire Booker was mentioned in dispatches   – notable contribution award (writing) – for the script. The production was ably directed by Joanna Greaves, who is one of the founders of the Bread and Roses theatre and has recently launched the Skylight theatre: http://www.skylighttheatre.co.uk

“Claire Booker’s play is not about the Irish question as such, though it colours the whole concept enormously,” reads Paul Vale’s formal adjudication. “This is a play that delves much deeper into the psychology of grief, one of the prevalent themes in this festival and perhaps the most successful play this week at dissecting the process.  We mourn the dead but how do we grieve for the living? . . . The pain of loss and ultimately the fear of death resonate throughout Duff’s bravura performance and the strength of her characterisation shapes the play.”

IMG_7079Thanks go to The Betsy Trotwood and Bread and Roses pubs for their kind provision of rehearsal space. Also grateful thanks  to Lost Theatre for the use of the photos in this post.

For more information about The Lost Theatre please click on the following link: http://www.losttheatre.co.uk e-flyeroneONEACT

A Smörgåsbord of Drama at the Bread & Roses

South London’s best kept theatrical secret came up with six fantastic slices of drama last week, including a 15 minute play by Claire Booker.

Bread&Roses Theatre

The bijou, 50-seater theatre offered a generous platform for six new plays – covering such diverse topics as love, therapy, racism, sex, philosophy and even a post-modern take on Cinderella.

Claire’s play (Blue Line Day) follows a married couple’s struggle with their inner demons. The roles were played with great finesse by Jerry Marwood and Caroline Short – under the able direction of Joanna Greaves.


” It’s always amazing to see how actors and directors find new and often surprising angles to my work.  But that’s the collaborative joy of theatre!”

Bread&Roses Theatre

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe Bread and Roses Theatre Company is a group of talented directors, actors and technicians working out of the eponymous pub at 68 Clapham Manor Street, SW4 6DZ.  The Bread and Roses is  just a six minute walk from Clapham Common and Clapham North tube stations, and is well known for its artistic and musical events.  

To find out more about The BRTC or to submit a play or actor/director’s cv, please check out: http://www.breadandrosestheatre.co.uk