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Fine art and poetry fuse at Elbow Room

Renegade by Maren ReeseCamden High Street in torrential rain –   then suddenly the steaming buzz of inSpiral cafe where scuttled umbrellas rub spokes with 0rganic smoothies, poetry and jazz cello.  It’s the launch of Elbow Room (Volume Two) which has to rate as one of the liveliest launch parties ever.   ElbowRoom (Quarry, 2012 by Jayne Anita Smith)

ElbowRoom is already proving fine art and poetry can be natural bedfellows. “Volume One was picked up by the bookartbookshop and is now sold out,” says curator/producer Rosie Sherwood.  

Volume Two features art works by Norwegian artist Maren Reese and UK-based Jayne Smith, alongside poetry by Claire Booker, Jonathan Butcher and Harry Man.  Each pamphlet has been beautifully handcrafted and is marked as one of a limited edition.  Canny collectors get cracking!

Look out for ElbowRoom later this year at Turn the Page – the artists’ book fair in Norwich, England’s first UNESCO City of Literature.  To submit poetry or artwork, or to buy a copy of the latest volume, check them out at tumblr.


Music from Mina's Ghost

Music from Mina’s Ghost

Poet Jonathan Butcher

Poet Jonathan Butcher

Poet Claire Booker

Poet Claire Booker

http://www.maren-reese.com   (top left painting – Renegade by Maren Reese)
http://www.jaynesmith.co.uk    (top right painting – Quarry, 2012 by Jayne Anita Smith)
And if you enjoy the contemporary sound of guitar, cello and voice check out Mina’s Ghost at: https://soundcloud.com/minas-ghost/