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Ned Kelly rides again in The Australia Times

KoalaThe Australia Times Poetry Magazine goes walk-about this month with a link to a film poem ‘My Campfire’s My Home’ by Manfred Vijars, which is beautifully shot and will have you cocking an ear for those kookaburras. There’s also a Sound Cloud link to a wonderful set of folk ballads about Ned Kelly by Leanne M. Murphy:  https://soundcloud.com/leanne-murphy-16/track-8

Poems from three continents find connection in this issue, including ‘A Little Boy Dreaming’ by Katherine Mansfield (1888-1923);  a Petrarchian sonnet by Shelley Hansen; Banjo Patterson’s  ‘Shearing with a Hoe’; ‘Here is the Man Planet’, a powerful poem inspired by a trip to Pakistan by M F Moonzajer; plus one of my own poems about an earthquake.

Do check out the magazine (22nd May 2015) by clicking the link below. If you write poetry, you might like to consider sending in your work.  Submission guidelines are included towards the back of the issue.