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Magma’s out! 69 fresh poems for summer

Magma 59Totally thrilled to have another poem in Magma, which meant I got to read my work at the launch last Friday alongside guest poets Lorraine Mariner and Colette Bryce and some delightful fellow contributors, including Alison Brackenbury, Katie Byford, Rowena Knight, Abigail Morley, Ruth O’Callaghan and Mathew Paul.

More than 100 people squeezed into The London Review Bookshop to celebrate Magma 59‘s fresh new take on the theme of ‘Breaks’ by a wide range of poets including Mimi Khalvati and Penelope Shuttle.  The issue crackles with originality. Titles alone make your mouth water, including: ‘Apartment Hunting With the Lady Who Lives in A Shoe’, ‘The Half-Litre Messiah’, ‘The Doll With a Hole in its Hand’ and ‘Mal de Cou-Cou’.

“After poems of great delicacy and eggshells come others of metal and grind,” Giaccometti - Walking Woman 2write editors Roberta James and Alex Pryce. “Already familiar with powerful lines like Sylvia Plath’s “Now I break up in pieces that fly about like clubs” and Tennyson’s rending elegy Break, Break, Break, we were all the same surprised by the extraordinary range of tone and far-reaching subject matter [in this issue].”

My own poem ‘Model in Love’ was written during a workshop at Tate Modern, inspiringly led by Pascale Petit. We were allowed to handle (with cotton gloves!) a number of sculptures, including a beautiful work by Alberto Giacometti entitled Walking Woman.

Magma 59 launch at London Review of BooksMagma 59 is available from www.magmapoetry.com  or from selected book stores. Indulge yourself in poetry heaven and enjoy features such as John Humphrys on Wilfred Owen’s Dulce et Decorum Est, Colette Bryce interviewed about her poem The Brits, and Andrew Neilson’s view of poetry on e-readers. Plus reviews by Laurie Smith, George Szirtes and Jennifer Wong.  A steal at £8.60 including p&p!


Orbis Readers’ Award and Forward Nomination

butterfly19My poem ‘Butterfly Night’ has just won a Readers’ Award from the well-respected quarterly magazine, Orbis.

Among those who voted for it were David Mark Williams who said: “Butterfly Night leapt out at me and stayed with me; a richly layered, disturbing poem. Excellent.

Another voter, Stephanie Green, added: “I was taken by the elusive quality of this poem; lyrical, and both mysterious and magical.

‘Butterfly Night’ was written on one of Pascale Petit’s inspiring workshops at Tate Britain, following a visit to Damien Hirst’s installation of live butterflies. For a place on Pascale’s next Tate Modern workshop (hurry because they go fast) please click: http://www.tate.org.uk/whats-on/tate-modern/courses-and-workshops/writing-poetry-taking-line-walk

And on the subject of awards, earlier this year Popshot nominated my poem ‘Resurrection – Wootton Basset’ for a Forward Prize.  The poem appeared in their Birth issue in 2012. Although the poem hasn’t made the Forward short-list, I’m still honoured to have been nominated. To check out Popshot magazine, click:  http://www.popshotpopshot.com

To find out more about Orbis or to subscribe to the magazine, please click: www.facebook.com/n/?group.php&gid=53636000056