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Other Poetry gets Lost in the Forest

Black ForestForests can be treacherous places – unless you’re armed with a good compass.   The sorry tale of a young man in the Bavarian Alps  inspired my poem ‘Dead Letter Box’  which is out in the latest issue of Other Poetry.

People go missing in these vast European forests and are not always found.  This particular young man was discovered fifteen years later by an enthusiastic hiker.

What might YOU do if you found a skeleton next to a well-preserved rucksack and inside, a picture postcard, written, stamped and ready to go?

Other Poetry Series 4, No 7Answers on a postcard please! Or better still, buy a copy of Other Poetry (Series 4, no 7) to find out what hiker, Hubert Schaunegger, actually did do.

Other poets featured in this issue include Mike Barlow, Will Kemp, John Hartley Williams and Claire Dyer. To order a copy of the magazine please visit their website at http://www.otherpoetry.com