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Elbow Room has Sublimed

Elbow Room Issue 20As we go forward into the new year, ElbowRoom waves its beautiful pages in a gesture of farewell.

This lovingly hand-crafted gem has given the literary scene 20 issues of poetry, short prose and artwork, plus some fantastically enjoyable launch parties. It has earned the right to rest on its laurels. ElbowRoom Live

The brainchild of artist/writer, Rosie Sherwood, (ably assisted by poet Zelda Chappel), Elbowroom launched in April 2012 and became something of a trend-setter in the world of hand-made art journals.

More than 100 writers have graced its pages. Poets published in this final volume (issue 20) are James Bell, Claire Booker, Christy Hall, Roger Hare, Oz Hardwick and Stella Wulf. The photographic artworks are by Bethany Murray and Rosie Sherwood. Elbow Room Issue 20 by Rosie Sherwood

“In the introduction to the first volume of Elbow Room, I wrote about coming across a hand-painted sign for a bookshop so tiny it only had space for a desk and one over-flowing bookcase,” says Rosie Sherwood.

“Despite the size of the shop, they had divided the shelves into fiction, poetry, illustration, photography etc. I found myself frustrated that art, visual and written, is not allowed to sit together more regularly. This was the birth of Elbow Room.”

You can still buy some Elbow Room back-numbers by visiting the As Yet Untitled website. Although its flagship publication, Elbow Room, has now sublimed, As Yet Untitled will continue to specialise in limited edition, handmade works that embrace the breadth of possibility in book form, from traditional binding techniques to sculptural works.

Good luck Rosie, and all who sail with you!

Check out the latest developments at As Yet Untitled

ElbowRoom unfolds its Poetry Broadsheet

ElbowRoom Broadsheet (issue 1)Too many poems, not enough space? Some literary mags choose the online option. Others produce large-round-the-waist issues. ElbowRoom has gone for its first intricately folded Broadsheet, available to subscribers and at book fairs, as a perfect addition to their handcrafted magazine.

I’m delighted to be part of the experiment curated by Rosie Sherwood and Zelda Chappel and printed by their publishing arm As Yet Untitled. The crisply folded sheet of  fine cream paper contains poems by myself, Mary Gollonne, Jason Jackson, Wes Lee, Richie McCaffery, Nikki Robson and Chamning Yuan, including one by Phil Vernan of five stanzas which can be read in any order. I’ve tried three different orders so far and it works! ElbowRoom Broadsheet 2

And for those who love their prose, there’s a touching short story by David O’Neill  – A Hole to Dig and A Past to Bury.

Claire at ElbowRoomThe Elbowroom Broadsheet was officially flagged up earlier this month at an ElbowRoomLive gig for the launch of issue 12.

The atmosphere at The Harrison in King’s Cross was informal and fun, with some wonderful singing and technical bravado by Andrea Kempson and sure-fire poetry from Stephen Bone, Louis Buxton and Andrew Wells. I joined them with a set of my own work. According to the publicity blurb, my role was to be the tease for the up-coming Broadsheet. No pressure then!

ElbowRoom Andrea Kempson

Andrea Kempson

ElbowRoom issue 12 is a limited edition (as are all the previous ones), hand crafted and a perfect little gem. To check on its availability or that of The Elbowroom Broadsheet please visit:


Popshot Magazine – Calling all Time Travellers!

Grab yourself a copy of the latest Popshot Magazine for poetry, fiction and artwork that will send you spinning into the future and back.

Be prepared to lose your bearings! Popshot  (issue 12) by Fredrik Rättzen

Issue 12 is peppered with poems on the theme of time, including work by Claire Booker, Zelda Chappel, Aki Schilz, Jim Stewart-Evans, Roddy Williams and Barbara Wojtowicz.

Short fiction is mesmerisingly macabre this issue. Try the twists and turns of The Many Deaths of Michael Finch by Ben Whitfield or the chilling And the Glass Cold Against his Face by Thomas Chadwick. I can particularly recommend Christopher Kennerley’s The Schleepen Plan for a morally dubious solution to not enough hours in the day.

Last, but not least, luxuriate in colour and concept as you pause to enjoy the wonderful illustrations by artists such as Glenn Harvey, Tavis Coburn, Nader Sharaf, Frederik Rättzen (above), Ray Oranges (below) and Miranda Meeks.

Popshot  (issue 12) by Ray Oranges

Edited by Jacob Denno, Popshot is an illustrated literary magazine that lands twice a year on the doormats of people sensible enough to have a subscription. It’s also available at  good bookshops across the globe, or online at www.popshotpopshot.com

Submissions of poetry, flash fiction or short stories are accepted on special themes each issue. Previous themes have included journeys, birth, love, power and childhood. Details of the next theme will be up on the website in December.

Fine art and poetry fuse at Elbow Room

Renegade by Maren ReeseCamden High Street in torrential rain –   then suddenly the steaming buzz of inSpiral cafe where scuttled umbrellas rub spokes with 0rganic smoothies, poetry and jazz cello.  It’s the launch of Elbow Room (Volume Two) which has to rate as one of the liveliest launch parties ever.   ElbowRoom (Quarry, 2012 by Jayne Anita Smith)

ElbowRoom is already proving fine art and poetry can be natural bedfellows. “Volume One was picked up by the bookartbookshop and is now sold out,” says curator/producer Rosie Sherwood.  

Volume Two features art works by Norwegian artist Maren Reese and UK-based Jayne Smith, alongside poetry by Claire Booker, Jonathan Butcher and Harry Man.  Each pamphlet has been beautifully handcrafted and is marked as one of a limited edition.  Canny collectors get cracking!

Look out for ElbowRoom later this year at Turn the Page – the artists’ book fair in Norwich, England’s first UNESCO City of Literature.  To submit poetry or artwork, or to buy a copy of the latest volume, check them out at tumblr.


Music from Mina's Ghost

Music from Mina’s Ghost

Poet Jonathan Butcher

Poet Jonathan Butcher

Poet Claire Booker

Poet Claire Booker

http://www.maren-reese.com   (top left painting – Renegade by Maren Reese)
http://www.jaynesmith.co.uk    (top right painting – Quarry, 2012 by Jayne Anita Smith)
And if you enjoy the contemporary sound of guitar, cello and voice check out Mina’s Ghost at: https://soundcloud.com/minas-ghost/

Party ’til you drop with ElbowRoom!

Get yourself over to Camden Town next week for a launch party with attitude – ElbowRoom celebrates its second issue with a cornucopia of poetry, live music and the visual arts. And it’s all for FREE!

elbow_room-web[1]The party kicks off at 9pm on Friday 22nd March at hip venue InSpiral, 250 Camden High Street, NW1 8QS.   Poets from both issues will be doing 15 minute sets.  I’m under the spotlight at 9.30 with a selection of my most recent poems, including ‘First Summer’ and ‘Nightingale Ward’ – both of which appear in issue 2.

For more information about ElbowRoom or to submit to the next issue please click on the following link:     http://www.facebook.com/elbowroomzine