About Claire

DRAMA:  Claire’s stage dramas have been produced in Australia, America, Spain, Germany, Malta, Romania, France and the UK.  Some of her plays have been translated into Russian, Spanish or French.  She has also had plays broadcast on BBC Radio Four and local radio stations such as LBC and Wey Valley Radio. Some of her monologues and short plays have been published by Morgan’s Eye Press, The Delinquent and The Good Ear Review. She is an associate writer with Goblin Baby Theatre Company.

Please click on links to view films of her 5 minute plays:

“ALLELUIAH” by Claire Booker – LOST Theatre 5-Minute Festival

 “NUCLEAR BUNKER” by Claire Booker – LOST Theatre 5 Minute Festival

ENEMY http://youtu.be/7yvt1Z34rEo  

Claire won the Douglas Clarke Award and Leicestershire Playwriting Competition twice; came third in The Wandsworth All London Literary Competition twice; was runner-up in The Southampton International Playwriting Festival; was nominated for a Writers’ Guild of Great Britain MacAllan Award; short-listed for The Arts Council’s John Whiting Award; and nominated three times for The George Taylor Award. She has led writing workshops at The Greyshott & Hindhead Literary Festival; The Highgate Scientific and Literary Institute; and the South London Theatre and adjudicated the Nottingham and Notts Drama Association’s play writing competition.

POETRY: Claire’s work has been published widely, including in Ambit, ElbowRoom, erbacce, the Frogmore Papers, the Interpreter’s House, Magma, The Morning Star, the North, Orbis, Other Poetry, Poetry News, Poetry Salzburg Review, Popshot, Prole, the New Welsh Reader, the Rialto, South, South Bank Poetry, The Spectator and Under the Radar.  Her poems have featured in anthologies including: Skein (Templar Collection and Pamphlet Awards 2014); Tate Poetry from Art (2012); Ver Open Prize (2011); Loose Muse (Morgan’s Eye Press, 2o12/13/14); Genius Floored (Soaring Penguin, 2011/12/13/14/15); Pop Up Poetry (2014); and the Keystone Anthology (2015).

She has guested at The Shuffle; Beyond Words; Camden & Lumen Poetry Series; Loose Muse (London, Manchester, Winchester); ElbowRoom Live; Poets off the Shelf; the Torriano Meeting House; Templar Poetry at Keat’s House; Wash House Poets (St Bride’s Foundation) and competed in several Poetry Society Stanza Bonanzas. She has been a contributor at numerous launches including the Interpreter’s House, Magma, 14 magazine, South, Structo and Templar’s 10th Anniversary. She was guest poet at Poet in the City’s drop-in at Waterstone’s, Piccadilly. Claire is a member of Original Poets who meet every month in Clapham, south London.

For more information visit her website at http://www.bookerplays.co.uk  or email her at: bookerplays@yahoo.co.uk

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  1. Thanks for the like, and for giving me the chance to discover what you’re up to, the books I should be buying and what I really should be doing when I eventually make it back to Manchester… 🙂


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