Short films of some of Claire Booker’s plays and poetry. Click on the following links:

“ALLELUIAH” by Claire Booker – LOST Theatre 5-Minute Festival

Bridget shares a bed and a bathroom with her husband – but not the secrets of her heart.


In order of play: Alys Conran(3m 40 secs); Claire Booker (‘Churchyard’ 1 min 10 secs), Stav Poleg (3 mins 40 secs) and Polly Atkin (2 mins 10 secs). New Welsh Review’s multimedia programme is sponsored by Aberystwyth University.

 “NUCLEAR BUNKER” by Claire Booker – LOST Theatre 5 Minute Festival

Three years into the nuclear holocaust and Lady Kay regrets having settled for an Economy Class bunker. The menu is unrelenting, the West Wing is tiny, and the staff are work-experience robots.


The Russian Front, winter 1943. A German conscientious objector and a captured Russian partisan wait for dawn and a Nazi firing squad.


Mothers beware!  Something dark stirs in the playground. A poetic drama about infertility.

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