Education, Education, Education!

Where better to produce a play about youth than Bradfield College, Reading, which has been educating young people since it was founded in 1850?  Not only that, but every three years, the College produces a Classical Greek drama in the original language and has been doing this since the nineteenth century. 

Last month, a group of Bradfield College drama students decided to take a break from the rigours of ancient Greek and produced a one act play of mine – ‘Gone Fishing’.  A canny choice, I think, as the play is all about a young man striving to find his way in the world.  I hope I’m not giving too much of the plot away if I say the young man eventually turns into a fish!

May I wish all the students at Bradfield College a happy and non-aquatic life in the future!

To read an excerpt of ‘Gone Fishing’ by Claire Booker please visit

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